3 Major Reasons to Upgrade Your Business Premises with Safety Glass


Did you happen to witness a broken window in your workplace? Something that may creep into your mind is to seek glass repair services Brisbane From River City Glass – Brisbane’s best. Broken glass windows or doors can be cause for concern as it may be a sign that someone is trying to break in. Deploying safety glasses in your enterprise can be a sure shot solution for such an incident.

Why Use Safety Glass in Commercial Spaces?

Safety glass is strong and resistant and can offer enhanced security, durability and extended services. Owing to its performance factors, safety glass is mostly used where the glass surfaces need to be bulletproof such as, security doors and windows, car glasses, office premises, etc.

These days most business owners are switching to safety glass by hiring glass repair services Capalaba. This glass is typically used in commercial spaces as it can resist extreme temperatures. It can also protect employees from accruing any injuries if, by chance, any breakages were to occur.

Reasons to Redesign Your Work Station with Safety Glass

Safety glass guarantees protection and resistance against varying temperatures, storms and break-ins. Here are a few good reasons to make use of safety glass in your commercial building:

1. Safeguarding your business

Safety glass is considered to be a primary requisite for industrial firms to help in reducing liabilities. When you seek insurance for your company and have safety glass installed on your premises, expect some reduction in the premium amount paid. This happens because it reduces the potential claim cost accrued. Safety glass is a safe thing to use at your premises to safeguard your customers and employees and can also protect the belongings inside your commercial space.

2. Adherence to commercial code

When you start a business, there is a specific set of rules regarding glass that you may have to abide by when getting them installed. Ranging from its height to its distance from other office staples, there is a code that you need to follow in your commercial space. It is however, a general suggestion that one should upgrade their systems to safety glass whenever they find it feasible or when any remodelling or glass repair Capalaba needs arise. So, by welcoming safety glass in your workplace, you not only remodel your space but also comply to commercial legalities.

3. Fire protection

Aside from safeguarding your office from any malicious activity and breakages, this glass is also fire resistant. Not only do they act as a shield to safe-keep your employees but are vibration and heat resistant and can withstand any case of fire and storm.


Safety glass is a prime consideration when you take into account the safety parameters of your employees and clients. Thus it is always a better idea to update your office premises with safety glass. So, contact River City Glass today for emergency glass repair in Capalaba



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