Remove Scratches from Tempered Glass


In some circumstances, light scratches on tempered glass can be repaired. Usually, you can reverse the damage without too much efforts or being worried about glass replacement and service charge. There are some compounds, specially made for this type of work.

By rubbing the compound carefully on the glass over the scratch area, you may avoid the significant cost behind glass repair and get back the original beauty of glass.

Check out useful tips to get rid from scratches on tempered glass shared by glass replacement experts at River City Glass:

Inspect the damaged glass

First, you need to inspect the scratch to see how deep it runs. Lightly scratched tempered glass can be restored without the expense of replacing to its original beauty. Remove dirt and clean the scratch with surrounding area that you wish to repair. Use glass cleaner and a soft cloth to do the same. So, you can clearly identify the exact damaged area.

If the scratch deep enough and catches by your fingernails, then it won’t be removed with these DIY methods. In this scenario, it is the best practice to call glass replacement service provider in Australia.

How to Remove Scratches from Glass

How to Remove Scratches from Glass: DIY Methods

There are few compounds available to use on glass for removing scratches. Follow the below steps to restore the glass beauty with fewer efforts.

  • Liquid Pumice Soap or Steel Wool

    Liquid pumice soap is heavy duty cleaner and it has additional abrasive elements which help to remove scratches from tempered glass effectively. Place the small amount of liquid pumice soap on a clean cloth and rub over the scratch in single direction circular motion. The grit in that liquid pumice soap may be strong enough to buff the glass & get the scratch out.

    Check the condition of steel wool before using it. There must not be any dust or any other imperfections on it. Otherwise, it could scratch the glass while buffing. Try #0000 steel wool. It cleans existing scratches from the glass without producing more scratches.

  • Buffers or Sanders

    Buy reliable commercial buffing compound specially designed to remove scratches from the metals. Cerium oxide and jeweler’s rouge are the well-known examples for the same. Apply the compound to an orbital sander fitted with a soft cloth or buffing wheel.

    Moisten the scratched glass from the water with the help of saturated sponge while polishing scratch with sander or buffer. It prevents the compound from creating more scratches and drying out. Do this activity for a few minutes. After that, clean the glass with liquid dish soap. Inspect the scratches and repeat above process until you are satisfied with results.

  • Toothpaste & Soft Cloth

    Apply a small number of teeth whitening toothpaste on a soft and clean cloth. This toothpaste is slightly more abrasive than other regular toothpaste. Using this cloth, buff the scratched glass in a circular motion. The small grit stones in this toothpaste, are enough to remove small and not too deep scratches from the glass.

    Rinse the glass after a few minutes with water and you will see that scratches may disappear or get better. Repeat the same process again two or three times to get rid of scratches. If the scratches are still present, then go with next method.

  • Get Appointment of Glass Replacement Service Provider

    It these tricks can’t work on the scratches from your tempered glass door or window or shower screen or tabletop, then you need to call glass replacement service provider. Experts of River City Glass often ready to help you in this type of situation. We will replace the glass with a custom piece that fits in that space perfectly.

    For emergency glass repair service, call us on 07 3390 2211 or email us at – We will reply your query as soon as possible.



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